I am a sucker for fun


Admission time here.  I am a sucker for fun! Game night with kids.  Check.  Getting together with friends.  Check.  Eating at a new restaurant.  Check.  A weekend adventure!  Count me in, please!

I’m not talking about the over the top, must plan months in advance, take no less than 118 snapshots because it is going to be epic type fun.  I’m talking about the unexpected, I wasn’t planning on it, but wow my heart is sure happy type of fun moments.   My very first job after I graduated from college, my boss knew exactly what to say to me to get me interested in helping out with some different projects.  She’d say, “Oh, come on Heather this will be fun!”  That’s all I needed to hear, and I was in for the new-found fun.  I had the opportunity to do some really fun things and be in some amazingly fun places.  I taught agriculture classes at the county fair, made salsa for the community hot dog days, setting up volunteers to read to elementary students, and leading a summer camp focused on reading.  No two days were the same, and to me, that is the ultimate fun.

When the boys were younger, I managed an after-school program for 80 students who were all English Language Learners.  Any given year, I had 20-25 college work-study students to be my assistants.  This program was the playground for the unexpected; I wasn’t planning on it, but oh my goodness that was fun type moments.  Students from all over the globe came to my after-school program.  We shared experiences together like cooking, going on field trips around our city, playing sports, celebrating holidays together, playing games all relating to improving the young students reading and writing skills.  Once again no two days were ever the same in this position that had fallen into my lap.  I’d plan projects where my work-study students might have questioned my sanity, but I got to share my philosophy of fun with them.  We won’t know until we try.  And we might have fun, right?   Some were homerun winners knocked out of the ballpark.  Other ideas were verging on the edge of disaster and were filed away in the “never do it again” file.  Everyone learned something and left feeling positive after having fun after school.

When I tell myself that something will be fun, even if I have to pump myself up, I find that I am happier and I am way more productive.  Here are a few more things about me

  1. I love Diet Coke!  I may have shared that already, but I really love Diet Coke!
  2. I love the warm, sunny beach.  Since I live in the northern plains the warm, sunny beach only comes when it is vacation time.
  3. I love books!  Do you have a favorite author you think I should hear about?   Drop me a comment.
  4. I’m sort of addicted to Pinterest.  My family has endured many of my “I saw this recipe on Pinterest” tries for a new a meal.
  5. Fall is my favorite season
  6. I enjoy going to the movies.
  7. Writing a list makes me feel productive.
  8. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  9. Dogs–especially our family dog.
  10. I am fascinated with hand lettering.  I am working on my hand lettering skills.

Just about a month ago, my husband and I sprung an unplanned unannounced trip to go visit the holiday lights in our town.  Typically, if we want our boy’s buy-in we need to plan a few days in advance.  That way they can process it and get the trip on their mental calendar.  However, this night we were feeling the need to get out of the house.  “Should we do this?” I asked my husband.  His response was, “If it’s bad, we don’t have to get out of the car.”  We just never know how the unplanned trips will go.  Fighting?  Anxiety? Crying? Overwhelmed?  We not only piled out of the car, we hiked all through the park enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday light display.  We even managed a few snapshots along the way too!  As we were getting ready to go back to the car, we asked the boys if they wanted to go up to the top of the observation tower to look at the display.  Viewing the lights from above and seeing the contented looks on the faces of my boys made this mama’s heart happy.  The unplanned trip turned into the unexpected fun.

Go find your unexpected, not in the plans, make your heart happy type of fun!  It really is the best!

All my best to you,


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