Mondays: Can we ever get along? 5 ways to start loving Monday


There was a feeling that settled over our house every Sunday evening.  Usually,  around 4:00pm the dog sensed the shifting mood.  She would sniff and paw at each of the boys and then come stand in front of my husband or me.  She would go back to the boys where the boys would mindlessly say, “Daisy not now.”  My husband and I would tread carefully knowing it was right around the corner.  Once it was activated it could not be stopped:  Monday Meltdown.

It was crazy to be in the midst of the Monday Meltdown.  I’m sure every house experiences some sort of Monday Meltdown, Sunday Blues, or Crap, tomorrow is Monday!  As supper was being started, P would ask “Is today still Sunday?”  His brother, D, would say “Yea, all day it’s Sunday stupid!”  P would engage asking yet another question that we all knew the answer too, “Is tomorrow school?”  D, sighing and squeezing his hands together, yells “YES!”  Then the anxiety sets in.  Where is my homework?  I think I have a test tomorrow.  What’s for lunch?  Is it going to be cold/hot this week?  I don’t want to shower.  I don’t want to brush my teeth.  I don’t want to go to school.  No matter how the weekend went the boys turned into kid zombies worrying over Monday Meltdown.

This is the result of our Monday Meltdown.


One particular Monday morning we were still in the meltdown mode.  P has sensory issues and because of the sensory issues, he has his favorite clothes.  Sunday we were busy and laundry did not get finished.  No one had to go to work/school with dirty underwear.  It was just that P’s favorite clothes were the clothes that were still in the wash.  I asked him to choose a shirt from his dresser because wearing a shirt covered with maple syrup was not appropriate.  P was not happy and asked for scissors to cut the tag out of the shirt.  I was trying to help D get ready to get out the door and soon I hear “Oops!”  P comes into the kitchen and says to me, “You should have let me wear a dirty shirt.”


I was tired of seeing the Monday Meltdown happen and the boys turning into those kid zombies.  Whining endlessly, accidentally forgetting about homework, tests, projects, whining about the weather, teachers, and friends.  We all know the path that this is going on because in .05 seconds the whining gets louder and loud whining soon turns to crying.  The crying stops and top-notch negotiating skills take over.  Pack a lunch?  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Take a shower?  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Brush your teeth?  I’ll do it later.  Lay out clothes for tomorrow?  I’ll do it later.  Sunday nights I collapsed into bed with feeling, “Ugh!  I hate Mondays!”  That is when I decided that our house must regain our weekends and start loving Mondays again.

It was a process that took time, coaching, and reminding.  I was determined to stop the cycle of hating Mondays.  As I told my boys, “Monday will always come around each week, so we must starting loving Mondays!”  The boys were a bit concerned, but decided to humor me in my attempt to “Love Monday”.  Do we love Mondays at our house?  Not yet?  Have we accepted the fact that we can not stop Monday?  Yes, we have!  We have learned we can change our attitude and routine to love (or accept) Monday.  I want to share our five tips to help you love Monday again.

  1.  Prepare the night before:  Spend some time doing meal prep so lunches can be packed, pack those said lunches, pack up backpacks,  lay out clothes, and make a list of Monday morning to-dos.  I always have good intentions of remembering things to do in the morning, however, the to-do list helps our Mondays tremendously!
  2. Get yourself ready before the kids:  set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to ensure you are ready for the day.  You won’t feel rushed if you can get yourself ready without the hustle of getting the kids ready as well.
  3. Eat breakfast:  we’ve all heard the mantra breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Social media is full of breakfast hacks to make it easy, grab-n-go.  Muffins, overnight oatmeal, granola bars are all easy to have on hand making sure no one goes out the door on an empty stomach.
  4. Turn up the music:  Find some tunes that will make everyone in a good mood while heading out the door.
  5. Make plans for family time Monday evening:  game time, watch a TV program together, cook together as one simple activity can give everyone something to look forward too during the day.

Good luck taming your Monday Meltdown.

All my best to you,


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