What is in your bag? Here is what is in mine.


This what organizing my purse feels like from time to time a stormy vacuum.  


Ladies, here is a question for you?  Do you ever reach into your purse or bag looking for something and after fishing around for a while decide it’s time to clean out your bag?  I did this recently while I was sitting at one of P’s therapies.  It’s amazing the junk I can accumulate in my bag.  And it never ceases to amaze me what I find lurking at the deep dark depths of my bag.

It all started when I was going to reach into my bag for some chapstick and a pen.  I did not pull out chapstick and a pen.  Instead, I pulled out a fidget toy, some doctor notes, and a sucker stick.  I make a mental note for a new goal for P.  P will throw garbage away in 4 out of 5 attempts with 80% accuracy.  I was a bit disgusted by the sticky sucker stick, so I got up to toss it in the trash.  Then I decided I’m all in!  It is time to organize my bag.

I pulled out my wallet.  Wow!  That wallet certainly can hold a lot of junk.  I opened it up to have receipts, credit cards, and loyalty cards spill out.  Oh hey!  There is the Costco card I’ve been looking for for three days now.  I sort them all out, and hey I found a couple of stray dollars hidden amongst those old receipts.  Does anyone else compulsively keep receipts like me?  I put away the credit cards and loyalty cards, so I know where they will be the next time I need to go shopping at Costco.  I’m just being honest here folks.

I could hear my arthritis ibuprofen shaking around in its bottle, so I set that next to my wallet.  Then I dug out the two notebooks.  One I use to write notes, blog ideas, or some FYI’s for me.  The other one P uses to write in when the fancy strikes

What is lurking beneath the surface? It is always a mystery on my part.

him…usually in church because he has difficulty focusing in on what is going on.  I flip through the notebook I found one page that I three hearts with the words I loev mom.  The next page had the question when is lench?  Always a valid issue in our house.  When is lunch?


Now on to the sometimes scary part of organizing my bag.  Reaching into the deep dark depths of the bottom of the bag.  I try to be purposeful in what size bags I’m comfortable carrying because it seems like you could crawl inside some bags before you hit bottom. As my husband asks “how much crap can you carry in your purse?”  But, he’s usually the first one to also ask, “Can you stick this is in your purse?”  My hand swipes the bottom, and I pull out 3 black lego bricks, 2 mints, and 1 more fidget toy.  My hand did another swipe determined to get everything out of the bottom this time I fished out a movie theater straw, some crunched up popcorn kernels, and some spare change.  I lift up my bag and oooh it feels so light.

I pack everything back into my bag promising to myself that I will absolutely keep this organized.  I scrunched up the old receipts, notes, and other useless junk that I did not need any longer.  I sigh a contented sigh.  Good job me!  By that time I had totally forgotten what in the world started that process.  By that time, P came skipping out of the therapy gum wrapper in one hand and papers in the other hand.  “Can you hold this, mom?”  And so the process starts all over again.


All my best to you,


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