5 Easy Teacher Gift Ideas


Anytime is a great time to thank the teachers that have spent the most time with our kiddos over the last nine months.    The teachers share valuable life lessons on a daily basis.  Our kiddos’ eyes have been opened to choosing kind on a daily basis.  Learning there are consequences for actions chosen.  Hard work pays off.  Working cooperatively with a peer group benefits everyone involved.  Somehow, someway the teachers are able to make our kiddos’ feel special and appreciated in a hundred different ways.  Because of that, our kiddos’ work hard and produce some incredible work throughout the year.  Now, that the school year is winding down and summer is close, it is time to say “thanks” to teachers who saw our kiddos through the year at school.

Today I would like to share five easy ideas to say thank you to the teacher, so you don’t have to feel the anxiety of finding the perfect gift.  End of the year is a time of mixed emotion, especially in our house.  On one hand, kids and teachers are happy to be free of homework and tests.  But on the other hand, they will miss friends, teachers, and classmates.  It is a time to mark an ending.  It is an accomplishment.  No matter how big or small, this is a time to teach (or refresh) our kiddos’ the simple act of generosity by giving the teacher a gift.


  1.  A theme basket.  This can be done quickly and on the cheap by shopping the dollar section at your local stores.  Our favorite theme basket we put together for P’s teachers was the “Orange” you glad it’s summer basket.  We filled the basket with orange tic-tacs, orange sunglasses, orange scented hand-lotion, and some orange sticky-notes and pens.  Other ideas:  Welcome to Summer, Movies, Smore making kit, or nail care.
  2. 4 Things I love tote bag.  If you have gotten to know your kiddo’s teacher really well over the year, this might be a great idea.  On the tote bag, you can have printed 4 things that the teacher loves.  I’ve ordered several for P’s teachers, and they have enjoyed them!  You can find the bags here.  (PS I am not affiliated with the shop forward.  I happen to love the quality products they produce.  I also like that with every purchase made a donation is made to a charity.)
  3. Thank you/ blank note cards.  Teachers are always sending out notes of some sort.  Why not help them out with some cute note cards?
  4. Gift cards.  Who doesn’t like a gift card, right?  It feels like a treat!  Be creative, but stay within your budget.  Ice cream, coffee, movie, or a book from your local bookstore.

    This is our attempt at a funny (ha, ha) note for the teachers at the end of this school year.
  5. Heartfelt note.  This is one is free.  All it takes is a moment of your time to jot down a quick note of thanks.  Try to share some specific times that you are especially thankful for as those most meaningful.  Or if you are struggling with the heartfelt part of the note, can you make it humorous?

Extra bonus:  Supplies are always appreciated.  We know that teachers spend plenty of money supplying their classrooms.  Think pencils, pens, sticky notes, highlighters, dry erase markers.  And if you are still looking for something for the teacher a quick search of teacher gifts on Pinterest will bring a couple hundred different ideas and maybe it will bring your right back here.


All my best to you,



This is the shop forward tote bag that will be given to P’s teacher at the end of the school year.
We used this picture to make cards to attach to our “orange” theme gift baskets.

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