8 ideas to practice to get out of the weekly rut

I recently had a conversation with P about what each of us does during the day.  The idea that I am a SAHM never really crossed his mind before, because Mom has always been home in his mind.  I have been blessed with jobs that have allowed me to keep a flexible schedule that allowed me to be home when P and his brother D would be done with school.  I asked P, “What is the best thing you like to do during the school day?”  Of course, his response was prefaced with it depends on what day of the week it is.  “Mondays are tough,” he says, “because of art.”  (Art is just not a favorite for P.)  “Tuesdays are OK, but I like Wednesdays better because I go to the library and to speech.”  He went through the pros and cons of each day of the week.  He asked me “What day do you like the best Mom?”  I hadn’t thought about my favorite day of the week in a long a time.  Previously when I was working outside the home, like millions of others, Fridays were my favorite day.  I told P, “I’m not sure which day is my favorite.”  In all seriousness, P says, “But, think about it Mom.  You will be happy once you know which day is your favorite.”  I promised him I would think about.

This conversation got me thinking about our schedules.  Every day is a different activity, appointment, or therapy.  Sunday nights the discussion revolves around who will get which kid to take said kid to his activity.  Every day feels the same.  It is predictable with not a whole lot of change.  No wonder I didn’t know my favorite day of the week since the schedule is the same week after week.  I realized I was feeling stuck in a rut.  I received an unexpected phone call from a friend who called to just say Hello.  We chatted, we laughed, we caught up on life.  After saying goodbye, I thought about different ideas or notions that we can all practice every day to be present and to not get stuck in those ruts.  Here in no particular order are  8 tops ideas for you and for me to implement into our lives.

  1.  Look for solutions.  See where you can pitch in to help solve a problem.
  2. Put down the phone!  This beautiful thing we call life is happening all around us.  Check it out!
  3. Say please and thank you.  Mom was right on this one.  Manners Matter.
  4. Stop using the word busy. Saying “I’m busy” disconnects you from being present.
  5. Call a friend.  Call a friend for no other reason than to say Hello.
  6. Spend time with family.  Spending time with family creates bonds and memories for all generations involved.
  7. Excercise.  Whether it’s for your heart health or emotional health–get out for the walk, bike, or swim.  Do what makes your happy!
  8. Invest in you.  Take time for you.  Read a book.  See a movie.  Spend time with friends.  Any self-care activity that will help you relax unwind, and recharge.

It is time to take the week off of autopilot.  After all of this talk about being present in our days, I know now the answer to what day is my favorite.”  It is Thursday.   I know that Thursday night everyone will be home after activities ready to share a meal, talk about the week, and relax before Friday comes around again.  Now I don’t know if I will be happy like P thinks I will be, but once I tell him, I know our conversation will continue once again.  That makes me very happy!


All my best to you,




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