Childhood wishes


Like a bee to honey, P is always on the hunt for the perfect dandelion.  When he was younger, we would hear squeals of delight when we would pass a field of dandelions.  P would sing about the “Dande-lillies,” and he would take off getting lost in the area examining each and every dande-lilly.  P would look at and observe the dandelions and then try to count them all.  It was nearly impossible when dandelions would seem to multiply before his eyes.  After what seemed like hours, P would happily head back home his hands clutching to the golden dande-lillies.

The number of dandelions that have entered our house over the last 8 years is now entering into the 1000’s, I swear.  P is mesmerized with the dandelions.  It is all about the colors the shapes the height and the feel.  He picked the dandelions by the hand full creating a burst of yellow mini-bouquet.   Those bouquets could go to anyone and everyone that he may meet.  And sometimes in his frenzy of creating those bouquets, the dandelions find there way into his pockets to finish working on later.  In the end, he will always bring his mama the brightest yellow dandelion just because!

I was curious about these little yellow flowers that populate open lots, fields, and yards each spring and summer.  The dandelions seem to be the most independent flower growing where it wants.  The dandelions seem to grow and grow.  And there seems to be an infinite amount of the dandelions too.  I read a story about the dandelions are the only flowers to represent the three celestial bodies–sun, moon, and stars.  The yellow flower represents the sun, the puffball represents the moon, and the disappearing seeds represent the stars.  Dandelions open in the morning and close at night to go to sleep.  The seeds can be carried for up to five miles.  Every part of the dandelion is useful to flowers, stems, and root leaves.

The hours we have spent wandering in open lots and fields looking at the groups of dandelions have created lasting memories and hopefully some lifelong skills.   P is curious about nature.  He poses questions of how plants grow and will try to find the answers.  He is willing to see the beauty in what many call an eyesore.  It is enjoyable to see your child get excited about spending time outdoors exploring.  Our hours observing the dandelions have brought us to parks to play, fields to see animals, and open lots next to new businesses that we didn’t know existed.  There was no worry about autism, anxiety, ADHD, or social skills while we were out on an adventure.  It was time to spend with my boy embracing what he loves.

I have done a little reading about the many uses of dandelions.  For years, the dandelion has carried the long history of being an herbal remedy for different ailments.  Dandelion tea reports having some significant health benefits including to detoxify the body, regulate digestion, help with weight loss, prevent and to protect the skin.  I have heard about people eating sauteed dandelions that are supposedly delicious! I’m very curious about how to prepare them. It is recommended that dandelion greens are a great twist in a fresh salad.  Overall, dandelions are healthy and pitch plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  I’m unsure if I would be able to eat a dandelion.  Please, if you are striking out on this adventure with dandelions, make sure that the flowers have not been sprayed with any chemicals.  If you are unsure, leave the yellow flowers alone.

When you look in a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes.  I know in our house we see a thousand wishes.  P would love to be able to rescue all the dandelions to turn them into beautiful amber bouquets.  The numbers are far too great, so he turns to his second favorite part of the dandelion season–wish making time.   Probably,  it is a  favorite for children and adults alike are when the dandelions seed themselves out.  It is time to pick those fluffy white flowers, make a wish, and blow all the seeds off the stem.  This is precisely the stuff childhood dreams are made of…and maybe a bit of nostalgia for adults.  Go ahead pick up the dandelion and make a wish!


All my best to you,



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