Some of my favorites

I am a sucker for pretty handwriting.  Perfect penmanship makes me happy.  Little kid handwriting where the letters are perfectly aligned, evenly formed is something to be on display.  Loopy handwriting that is eye-catching makes my heart sing. It seems like everywhere you look there are hand-lettered products.  Signs, banners, clothing, notebooks, home decor, water bottles to name only a few.  To me, my eye is drawn to the hand lettering. The technique, the up and down strokes to form the letters is impressive.  Whatever you want to call it handwriting, penmanship, writing, or script it tells a story of you.

I have watched videos online to learn the technique of hand lettering.  I’ve practiced with lots of doodles.  Something catches my eye, and I know that I need to practice hand lettering that little nugget.  Am I good?  Oh no!  Do I need more practice?  Lots!  But, I have gotten comfortable with my skill set to add to cards or to make gifts.  I’ve repurposed some home decor to include hand lettering.  I wanted to share some of my favorites here.  

This quote caught my eye as I was encouraging my boys to go the extra step with their school work.  I had to ask will you be happy to turn this work in?  As much as they wanted to say yes, after some thought, they realized that it was time to go the extra step before announcing they were finished.




I found this quote amusing because it is perfect for many aspects of my life.  I made this quote into a card to give to P’s teaching team at school.  They all got a good chuckle and readily agreed.  It is an excellent reminder to me that even though I may feel tired or run down or overwhelmed, I am truly blessed beyond measure.  I have a husband who supports my ideas as crazy as they may seem.  I have friends and family around me who love me.  It is a great reminder to reframe my thinking to find the positive.


Recently, P had a bad day at school.  There were no two ways around it.  It was a bad day filled with questionable decisions on his part.  As much as I want to shield him from consequences, he needed consequences for his choices.  We had to support the school.  P felt terrible.  In previous years, he would have shut down avoiding school at all costs making school attendance an issue.  The next day P was ready to go and make amends for his actions.  I am amazed at his resilience to tackle each day with the mindset that it will be a good day.  There are emotions to tackle, academics to study, and the social hive called middle school.  Be brave my boy!



What a perfect reminder!  I am real– not perfect.  Perfectly imperfect.  I make mistakes.  I try my best.  Too often we think everything has to be perfect then we will be happy.  Once we look beyond the imperfections that is when we can find happiness.  At the end of the day, I want my family to know that I love them and I tried my best to show them that.




All my best to you,



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