I am the keeper

To my boys:  I am the keeper of therapy appointments and doctor visits.  I am the keeper of progress, goals, and upcoming therapy assessments.  I am the keeper of medications, side effects, refills, and reactions. I am the keeper of the tallies of meds tried and failed.  I am the keeper of new therapy goals and when to switch meds.

I am the keeper of teachers, school-based therapists, meetings, IEP’s, and nightly homework.  I am the keeper of lessons learned and lessons yet to be discovered.  I am the keeper of the behavior reports and intervention plans.  I am the keeper of gift giving, as small as it may be, to those teachers and therapists who pour themselves into my children.  Sometimes it is a simple thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

I am the keeper of cuts, scrapes, bruises, and scars.  Some may come and quickly fade from your sight.  However, those stories are forever etched on my heart.  The time you jumped out of your stroller rapidly so and gashed your cheek open and so many other stories that I can tell you over and over again.

I am the keeper of time both literal and figurative.  Supper time, bedtime, brush your teeth time, time for school time, story time, therapy time, and wake up time and then deep breath and repeat it all the next day.  Also, I am the keeper of passing time.  Goals met!  Assessments aced!  Homework completed and tests that were rocked!  Presentations, book talks, power points, affirmations, and reports.  Remembering how motor planning was a struggle and now it is so easy!  Speech articulation was so tricky that only people who were with you daily understood you.  Reading and writing were a struggle, and now you make both of those tasks look so easy.  I am the keeper of the effort and dedication you have put into learning, working on, and perfecting these goals.  I am the keeper of the tears that were shed asking, “Why me?”  My answer “Why not you?”  I am the keeper of those moments that made you so proud you were bursting with pride and smiling just a wide.

I am the keeper of those hopes and dreams.  I am the one who remembers those dreams of professional sports star to a restaurant owner/bowling alley operator to being a rich Youtube sensation.  I am the keeper of fears and stresses.  Not only mine but yours as well.  I am the keeper of those days that bring us to our knees making at least one of us to raise our eyes to heaven praying silently to guide us.

I am the keeper of traditions to make celebrations go smoothly and maybe envoke a bit of nostalgia in you.  You may grow older and change, but these traditions help us remember our past.  It is not silly to build gingerbread houses or look at the Christmas lights and smile.  It is a-ok to having a family game night.  Our games have grown from go-fish and candy land to Yahtzee and clue.  It is great to sit around the table with the family and have fun.  I am the keeper of precious pictures to make milestones in our lives.  It is those milestones that have shown with different hairstyles, glasses, missing teeth, growing taller and leaner, smiling to no smiling, and now finally back to smiling.

I am the keeper of when you let your guard down at night I am here to listen.  I will always listen to what is on your heart.  Big or small, hopes, dreams, fears, laughter, and success.  I am the keeper of helping you to become these best you can be to spread your wings and fly.  It is scary, I know.  Not that long ago I was in your position wondering what the great big wide world was all about.  I know you will do great things.

I love you.



2 thoughts on “I am the keeper

  1. Nicely done Heather! We are the keeper, and that is a great way to define it.


    1. Aww! Thanks Sara! It is a job that is precious and dear. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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