Life happens

It has been a while since I’ve posted here at our605story.  Our story it seems has been moving non-stop lately.  I’ve been excited about all our upcoming plans, I’ve been run down from the constant strain of the day-to-day activity, I’ve handled appointments, medications, and sickness.  I’ve been to the schools to advocate on behalf of my children.  When I worked in non-profit, I saw daily that life happens for the clients.  Unexpected expenses, sickness, family issues, and other life stressors all caused the clients to stop, catch their breaths, and make their plan to continue on making life better for their families and children.  This is what the last few weeks reminded me of:  life happens.  I needed time to catch my breath.

We celebrated P’s 12th birthday at the end of  February.  His birthday marked a special occasion.  For twelve years, I have shared letters and pictures with P’s birth mom.  I thought about the occasions we have shared via the letters.  Birthdays,  holidays, first lost tooth, glasses, bike riding, the first day of school, and smiling just because.    We have tried to include P’s birth mom so she can see her child grow up.  I have faithfully shared these pictures and updates four times a year for the last twelve years.  A lot of life has happened in those twelve years.  Those letters were cathartic for me to write sharing P’s adventures with the woman who made me a mom for the second time.

Summer vacation is on the horizon now.  Planning vacation is always hilarious in our house.  Everyone has their two cents on where we should go, how we should get there, where we should eat, and what we should see.  The conversation around the supper table usually goes like this, “We should talk about summer vacation.”  From there, suggestions pop up like can we go on a cruise? (D’s favorite place)  Can we go to the beach? (P’s favorite place)  Let’s go to the mountains?  (Husband’s favorite place.)  Can we fly, please?  (My favorite mode of vacation transportation.)  I’m not sure if I can happily or unhappily say that our vacation destination and transportation is no one’s favorite.  Life happens and it is time to see new places.

I have been to the schools to advocate for my children.  I always want my children to be confident enough to use their voice, but when times call for it I will be there.  I will be their voice.  I will be their support.  Visiting with staff members gives me the chance to advocate for my children’s needs.  Life happens and I want my children to know that they count on me.

Managing appointments, medications, and illnesses take so many twists and turns.  The calendar is full of reminders when medications were started and reminders to let the doctors know how everything is going.  Appointments highlighted across the weeks.  Once a sickness hits in our house,  no matter how many Clorox wipes have been used, it still seems to hit everyone.  Is that how it works at your house too?  Laundry, cleaning, and other errands fell by the wayside.  A lot of sleeping took place for about two weeks as we all took our turn with respiratory illness or the good old common cold.  The dog was happy to cuddle with whoever was sick and sleeping.  She was in heaven to have a constant cuddle buddy.  Life happens, however, there is a time when you have to realize that it is time to stop and refuel your body.

Life happens in so many ways for us.  There are times when we wish life would hurry up and other times we want life to slow down.  Life can be cruel and wonderful all at once.  When we realize that life happens, we can soften the uncertainty that we experience from time to time.  When we realize that life happens, we can savor the times we can enjoy the laughter with our families.


All my best to you,





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