When Mom Starts Cleaning

When mom starts cleaning, she opens the refrigerator where she sees spilled milk all crusty in the back corner, green frosting chunks, hanging from the shelf, and oh bless her heart what is that odor?  So, a plan is hatched to clean, organize, wash, toss, and disinfect.  Out go the contents of the top shelf–milk, orange juice, coffee, pickle jar, ketchup, half drank Gatorade bottles, open cans of coke zero.  Mom peers into the abyss with wonder thinking how can the family let the fridge get so gross?

Mom scrubs the top shelf.  Really putting some elbow grease into those crusty milk spills and grape jelly that oozed all over.  Time to move on to the door shelves.  Mom takes the water bottles out of the shelf to put them by the sink.  Oops!  One water bottle started a domino effect tipping over hitting the ketchup bottle which knocked over the soy sauce.  The soy sauce fell to the ground spilling the dog’s water and food.  Now, Mom saw another place that needed some help.  Up goes the food bowl, water bowl, and mat.  Ewww!  That pup of ours certainly is a messy eater.  Grime, food bits, and just a lot of general build up was hiding under the pup’s mat.  Time to clean up the food area for the pup.

Time to get back to the refrigerator cleaning.  Mom, put the mop away when she snuck a peek at the bulletin board littered with schedules, appointment cards, pictures, and artwork.  Something caught mom’s eye, a reminder card to schedule dentist appointments.  This mom had totally forgotten about that.  Mom took a moment to call the dentist to make the appointments.  While on hold, she was able to take down all the old schedules, check to make sure all appointments are on the calendar and said sorry kids the faded and forgotten artwork has got to go.

Seriously, it is time to get back to the original project that is still waiting to be finished.  Why can’t mom finish one project that she starts?  Opening the refrigerator again, Mom goes back to emptying out the doors, wiping down the bottles, checking the expiration dates when the phone rings.  “Hello.”  “Mom, I forgot my gym shoes. Can you please bring them to school?”  “Ok, I’ll bring them to you now.”  Once again, Mom stops what she is doing to take the forgotten PE shoes to school.

The morning is flying by and what has gotten done around the house?  The original project was only halfway done.  It was time to get back at it and finish it now.  Mom opened the bottom drawer of the refrigerator much to her surprise there was not only opened packages of shredded cheese, cheese slices sprinkled around, hot dogs, deli meat, two pencils, and a marker.  Mom smiles as she picks out the pencils and marker to put them back where they belong.  The junk drawer.  Mom tried not to look too closely at the junk drawer, but something once again made her stop what in her tracks.

The junk drawer was in shambles.  Who was in there?  What were they looking for?  Why did everything get shuffled about?  Rubber bands everywhere.  Sticky notes all around.  Tacks for the bulletin board were strewn about.  Stamps and address labels were not together.  As every mom knows, it would be easier to take a few minutes now to straighten up the junk drawer.  If not, without fail, someone would need something later on and no one would know where to find it.

Finally, Mom gets back to the refrigerator project–cleaning, organizing, washing, tossing, and disinfecting.  It was a big project to undertake when one thing leads to another.  Job well done when the refrigerator project is finally complete. Moms don’t always get the opportunity to start a project and finish the project without interruption.  Some call it multi-tasking and some call it life.  My family calls “When Mom starts cleaning, watch out.”


Whether it is multi-tasking or doing life, I’m sending all my best to you.



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