Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

We anxiously await your glorious sunshine with bright blue skies and puffy white clouds high in the sky.  We wait with Christmas like anticipation for the warm nights when the sun slowly says goodbye and the space around us lights up with the glow of the lightning bugs coming out to play.  We can be carefree, even if for a day, only worrying about what is next on our agenda.  Summer, we look forward to seeing you during those long gloomy weeks that all melt into one freezing cold snowy blur.  Summer, we talk about you when homework piles up around us saying, “soon it will be summer then we can take a break.”

Summer, these glorious sunny days, lead us on adventures great and small.  New activities that are just to try out, lessons that may turn into a hobby, trips to see family, road trips with great snacks, movie nights, smores around the campfire, parks to explore, sleeping in and staying up late.  Freckles abound on the faces of my children.  When they were little they would wonder why so many freckles would show up.  I told them it was because, you, Summer brought us warm sunny days.  The kids would flock to our house for water wars, slip-n-slides, laughter, and popsicles.  Those were the summer days I will always remember.

Pictures were plentiful.  Action shots during the water wars and slip-n-slide turns.  Group shots with popsicles faces.  End of the day passed out from exhaustion shots.  You know those pictures, right? My kids know now that I love summer pictures of all sorts in the pool, eating outside, playing with friends, and loving on the dog.  Our house has plenty of photo albums entitled SUMMER FUN.  I like looking back at all the fun we had.  Now some of the “fun” has become a summer tradition at our house.  I love that!

Now it is a bit different around here, Summer.  The boys are older, but they still do love the sun and fun you bring around.  Slip-n-slides in the backyard have been replaced for high dives at the pools, water wars have been replaced with gaming, and popsicles have been replaced with shakes and other treats at the seasonal ice cream place down the road from our house.  Still, though, there is a sense of excitement for a summer day and what the day will hold.

The days are long and the nights we never want to end.  Hanging out with friends and family, sitting around the campfire until the stars are twinkling and the yawns cannot be hidden any longer.  Then just a little bit longer to laugh about all the crazy things that took place over the course of the day.

Summer, you boost our mental health.  Our happiness quota.  Our overall attitude.   Now that you are here we are enjoying our opportunities to take some road trips, soak up some sun, and some smores around the campfire.  In the words of country singer Luke Bryan, “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset repeat…”  Isn’t that a great way to describe days just like these?


All my best to you,



PS Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


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