Time For A Walk

Morning comes early as the alarm beckons to us asking us to let go of the last precious moments of sleep.  6:15 AM.  Stretch.  Yawn.  Hold onto the last moments of bliss as the reality of the day sets in.   Thinking about the day ahead and all that needs to be accomplished.  Reaching for the dog to see if she will say, “good morning”.  Here’s the thing about our dog.  Daisy, a mini-schnauzer, loves to sleep at the foot of the bed snuggled up in the blankets.  She is a super sleeper.  Not one to greet the day too early.  (My kind of dog!)  However, those days come to us once in a while.  Today is the day to get up and get moving.  Once the humans are up and moving,  Daisy then stretches and yawns moving to sit on the edge of the bed.  She is checking to see what her humans are up too.  When we can call to Daisy, “Walk, Daisy!”.  She is ready to go once she hears that word.

Daisy beats her humans to the front door.  She anxiously awaits for us to put on our shoes and grab her leash.  She can hardly sit still long enough to hook on her leash.  Excitement radiates from her nose to her tail.  Even though I may grumble and groan about getting out the door so early, it is hard to keep feeling that way once I see that dog happily trotting on ahead.  Our walks have taken us all over our neighborhood, meeting people who wouldn’t have typically met.  We have met new dogs that happily bark at us and let us stop for a moment to say Hi.

It is no doubt that walking has benefits for both humans and pups.  A thirty-minute walk three times a week can reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and can help with weight loss for both pups and humans.  Here are five reasons how humans and pups can benefit from daily walks.

  1.  Strengthen bond: Going on walks with your dog can strengthen your bond. Creating a strong bond is important to your pooch’s behavioral health and can have lasting effects on your relationship.  It is quality time for you and your dog.
  2. Helps with weight control:  A long walk never hurt anyone.  Regular walks will help develop a routine.  A regular routine for walks will help with calorie burning.
  3. Decreased destructive behavior:  When Daisy is walked regularly I see less destructive behavior such as scratching, biting, digging, extra barking, etc.  After a walk, she is calmer and more relaxed.  An added bonus for Daisy is that she probably will take a long nap.
  4. Bordem Buster:  Take a different route on your walk to give your pooch new sights, sounds, and smells to experience.  We all know that bored dogs are likely to find mischief to get into.  Daisy likes to knock over all the garbage cans, chew up the papers that are in her reach, and generally make a mess for us.
  5. Better sleep:  After expending extra energy on the walk both you and your dog will feel calmer and more relaxed.  Plus it should be easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Knowing these benefits and seeing these benefits make getting up in the morning a bit easier.  I still may groan and grumble about getting out in the early morning hours.  However, I have learned to appreciate the calm, the energy, and the bond.

Get out there and get walking!

All my best to you,


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