Roadtrip Ready or Not

Are you like my family that when faced with vacation plans we talk and talk about what we need to pack, but when it comes times to pack it is like hurry up and throw stuff in a bag and hope for the best?  Or is that just us?  And hope for the best usually comes in the form of someone wearing the same shirt for the last three days of vacation or running to Wal-Greens for the list of things we forgot to bring with us.  Anyone with me here?

Vacation time is upon us where we will be gone from home for more than two nights.  Yep, two overnights and we can pack like pros.  Now, the thought of packing for nine days in the car is a bit more daunting to me.  Space will be limited, but not like when we are paying for our space with the airlines.  I don’t know why packing causes me such anxiety, but it does.  I am aware of this.  I just need some help getting over the daunting idea of packing.  I love vacation.  I love going to new places.  I love seeing my boys have a great time trying new adventures.  But packing…ugh!

Our typical vacation packing list looks something like this.  We need our cooler of drinks for the road.  It is just easier for us to have it handy, so we don’t have to stop a convenience store every time we are thirsty.  The same with snacks.  We pack plenty of munchies, crunchies, and good stuff to keep with us on the road.  What is a bit more challenging is what to have on hand to keep the back seat passengers occupied?  Movies, toys, activity books, bingo cards along with electronic devices.  And of course, we need our duffel bags and suitcases for our clothes and toiletries.

Does anyone else stress about the clothes they pack for vacation?  Do you pack for the just in case?  Just in case we get dirty?  Or the just in case we sweat terribly and stink really bad?  Or do you just go an outfit a day?  I never know exactly what do in terms of clothes for vacation.  I stress I sweat, I worry.  What if I really need something?  Or what if I get cold.  I am trying really hard not to pass my stress and anxiety onto my children.  But then, I realize when I watch them get ready to go on vacation they do not care.  One child gets by with as little as possible and the other child packs everything possible.  The end result for them-they have not a care in the world and they know they will have exactly what they want and need.

What else do you think about when you are packing?  Do you pack first aid kit?  What about cleanup materials for spills, accidents, or vomit?  We have our catch-all canvas box that has Lysol wipes, plastic bags, kleenex, paper towels, baby wipes, sunscreen, and the first aid kit.  Running through my mind was all the things that could go wrong while we are in the car.   You know I was so worried about red Gatorade being splashed in the back seat that I might have forgotten something else.  Should I have added something else to the catch-all box?

Our plan is pretty solid for the Great American Roadtrip as I have named this vacation.  We will make some stops along the way.  I know that once we are out on the road it will be great.  The wind at our backs, the sun shining (I hope), and all my worries will be gone.  Vacations are a great time to refresh and rejuvenate.  But along with that it also refreshes and rejuvenates the relationships. It gives your child an opportunity to explore new adventures and create family memories that will last a lifetime.


All my best to you,



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